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Fat, Muscle, Waist circumference measurements serves indirect indicator of insulin sensitivity and prescreen diabetic complications by monitoring fluid balance.


Body composition and Phase Angle are post-surgery prognostic indicators and guide palliative care in cancer patients


Provide a clear view of fat and muscle distribution for enhanced weight management


Provide objective measurement of body water and phase angle to evaluate the severity of patients.


Identify swelling or fluid retention, which can put extra strain on the heart and accurately tracking patient progress and predict surgical outcomes

Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Identify risk of sarcopenia and monitor muscle mass, muscle imbalance, which are related to risks of fall and frailty

Sports medicine

Manage body composition to enhance the performance and minimize risk of injuries


For dialysis patients, fluid management is important. InBody evaluates overhydration, dry weight, and help nutrition care

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Accredited with MDD Class IIa and NAWI Class III

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